Oilfield Pulse October 2015 Issue

Posted on March 14, 2017

"Start-ups Today" excerpt:

Dale Galbraith, CEO and President of Catch Resources Inc., has once again been published in the Oilfield Pulse. "Start-ups Today' is about being an oil and gas company in today's economy -- which is not for the weak at heart. Read this 'optimistic realist's' entertaining take on current business opportunities.

"By anyone's standards, this is a horrendous time to be a producer. By now we're all aware of the negatives. Some more so than others. However, as an oil entity looking to raise capital and acquire producing assets, believe it or not, there are some really bright spots, and for the most part, we tend to focus on ways to capitalize on them."

Read More on page 16 of the October issue: http://www.oilfieldpulse.com/magazine/back-issues/...